About us

Shortland Florist is a Family Owned, Operated and Flower Delivery service. From initial contact to flower delivery, we do everything in house. Please see our delivery area when sending flowers.

Our Award winning staff have a combined industry experience of 15 years. We strive to make your flower experience a memorable one for you and the recipient. Our friendly staff are happy to advise on seasonal flower varieties and designs to suit your needs.

Shortland Florist sources its flowers from local growers and the Sydney Flower Market multiple times a week. We do prefer locally grown, however, there are flower variety and seasonal limitations. Of the flower varieties available, not all varieties are commercially grown in Australia. Due to the Australian climate, not all flowers can be commercially produced for sale throughout winter and summer.

Thankyou for visiting Shortland Florist, for flower purchases visit our online store here or give us a call on 02 4063 1893